When two doctors committed blunder

The Delhi Medical Council’s disciplinary committee has cancelled the licence of two doctors on January 16, 2017, for a period of 180 days for a blunder they made last June with a 24 year old boy, who was admitted to be operated for his leg that got fractured when he fell down the stairs at his home, but instead his another leg was operated in the surgery by Ashwani Maichand, consultant orthopaedics and Dr Rahul Kakran, associate consultant orthopaedics.

Ravi Rai was immediately taken to Fortis hospital situated in Shalimarbagh by his family after the accident, on June 21 2016, where he was told that he has fractured his right ankle as per the reports of CT-scan and X-ray. He was informed that he had to undergo a surgery for that and was given anaesthesia after being marked on his right foot. On waking up after the surgery, he found that the surgeons had inserted multiple screws inside the left foot. He immediately took the photo and informed his family members of the mistake.

The doctors then apologised for their mistake and gave explanation saying that that’s what they intended to do as the right leg was swollen. The family members accused them of not informing about it before and filed a report against them. FIR was registered against them under sections 346, 338, and 34.

“The patient, attendants or anaesthetists were never informed of any plan of surgery on the left foot and no consent for the same was taken… It is observed that the surgeons also failed to convey the suspicion of spine fracture to the anaesthetist before administration of spinal anaesthesia. It should have been avoided, especially when the patient had suspicion of spine fracture” accused the panel.

Not only this, these doctors also tried covering up their mistake by changing the Hospital records, their names have been removed for the same from State’s Medical Register for 6 months.


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