I just had the very first interview of my life. Oh good. was it one hell of a interview. I am still shivering.

Need to calm down. Ohkay so it started with my shaky voice, I answered questions, but not in very proper manner. and thank god that at that time google was opened right in front of me. and the full forms that he asked were searched by me at once and answered with a slight delay. Now I am overthinking that what will be the result of it. I was confident in the rest of the parts. But how does one answer the questions that why are your grades going down. To this I however, answered smarty (According to me) by saying that no one can answer to this question, but I guess I was more sincere before.

N what the hell how could I write my major as some other one, and he pointed it out, it was blunder, he said ‘you are a writer and you are doing such mistakes, does that mean you are that that careful about this thing’, and the honest answer to this is that yes i wasn’t. But clearly, i did not say that and just said sorry, like two times, because he said this thing like three times in different tenses.

I am not positive about the result, I’m not even sure if this is what I want for myself, but I definitely wanna get out of the place I live in right now, and for this this is the excellent opportunity. I will then have another interview which will be face to face, only if I gt selected in this one, and for that I will have to prepare sincerely, like I have to excel in one of my subjects ( which I hate). But as he said, I will have to wait for it for a month. I have no patience for that. But there is no other option, man.


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