I just had the very first interview of my life. Oh good. was it one hell of a interview. I am still shivering.

Need to calm down. Ohkay so it started with my shaky voice, I answered questions, but not in very proper manner. and thank god that at that time google was opened right in front of me. and the full forms that he asked were searched by me at once and answered with a slight delay. Now I am overthinking that what will be the result of it. I was confident in the rest of the parts. But how does one answer the questions that why are your grades going down. To this I however, answered smarty (According to me) by saying that no one can answer to this question, but I guess I was more sincere before.

N what the hell how could I write my major as some other one, and he pointed it out, it was blunder, he said ‘you are a writer and you are doing such mistakes, does that mean you are that that careful about this thing’, and the honest answer to this is that yes i wasn’t. But clearly, i did not say that and just said sorry, like two times, because he said this thing like three times in different tenses.

I am not positive about the result, I’m not even sure if this is what I want for myself, but I definitely wanna get out of the place I live in right now, and for this this is the excellent opportunity. I will then have another interview which will be face to face, only if I gt selected in this one, and for that I will have to prepare sincerely, like I have to excel in one of my subjects ( which I hate). But as he said, I will have to wait for it for a month. I have no patience for that. But there is no other option, man.



When the time seems most hard, that is when you know that good times are near and just ready to make your life good. When you are just about to give up, it is when you shouldn’t and try harder one more time, to cross your threshold. For, it is the time when your final test is been taken and you gotta show that you still have the same zeal to achieve your goal which you had when you started the work.

So, just be patient, wait and the impossible will happen. You will get what you want, but on its right time.


I think I might be the laziest person alive on the face of earth. If I have to do a certain task which is very important, and no matter how much time I’m give, I’ll do it at the very last minute. But yeah, my friends tell me that I work good under pressure, as if this is something I want.

I tried a couple times to distribute the given work and then work on it regularly but as expected, it did not work out. Huhh!! Habits.

There has also been times when I had to go to a different city which is not that far, for some interviews but I didn’t because I din’t feel like it, because I’m a lazy effff.

God! I wish I get the strength to pick up my ass and work like other people do, without getting tired and without thinking about their comfort all the time.

But, if only.

Do you have this too?


When two doctors committed blunder

The Delhi Medical Council’s disciplinary committee has cancelled the licence of two doctors on January 16, 2017, for a period of 180 days for a blunder they made last June with a 24 year old boy, who was admitted to be operated for his leg that got fractured when he fell down the stairs at his home, but instead his another leg was operated in the surgery by Ashwani Maichand, consultant orthopaedics and Dr Rahul Kakran, associate consultant orthopaedics.

Ravi Rai was immediately taken to Fortis hospital situated in Shalimarbagh by his family after the accident, on June 21 2016, where he was told that he has fractured his right ankle as per the reports of CT-scan and X-ray. He was informed that he had to undergo a surgery for that and was given anaesthesia after being marked on his right foot. On waking up after the surgery, he found that the surgeons had inserted multiple screws inside the left foot. He immediately took the photo and informed his family members of the mistake.

The doctors then apologised for their mistake and gave explanation saying that that’s what they intended to do as the right leg was swollen. The family members accused them of not informing about it before and filed a report against them. FIR was registered against them under sections 346, 338, and 34.

“The patient, attendants or anaesthetists were never informed of any plan of surgery on the left foot and no consent for the same was taken… It is observed that the surgeons also failed to convey the suspicion of spine fracture to the anaesthetist before administration of spinal anaesthesia. It should have been avoided, especially when the patient had suspicion of spine fracture” accused the panel.

Not only this, these doctors also tried covering up their mistake by changing the Hospital records, their names have been removed for the same from State’s Medical Register for 6 months.

Here’s why you are getting bald

PLOS Genetics published a new study which focuses on the reason behind baldness in males. Researchers from University of Edinburgh studies 52,000 men and identified 287 genes related to baldness, in UK.

Men between the age of 40 and 69 years were analysed, where their genomic and health data were noted. According to the data, 32 percent reported no loss in hair, 23 percent had slight hair loss and rest 27 percent were suffering from severe hair loss, so much so that they were either on the verge of baldness or were already bald.

Single-nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs are the most common type of genetic variation among people, it was found to be linked with baldness. With this information scientists have developed a DNA-based algorithm.

As many genetic variations are located on their X-chromosome, it was concluded that men inherit it from their mothers. The sex chromosome interacts with the hair protein, it interferes with its work, resulting in hair loss and greying of hair earlier than it should be.

Riccardo Marioni Ph.D., of the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine and the lead author of the study said “We are still a long way from making an accurate prediction for an individual’s hair loss pattern. However, these results take us one step closer. The findings pave the way for an improved understanding of the genetic causes of hair loss”.

It was known that this factor comes from mother’s side but the extent to which it affects has been understood only after the study.

The study did not recorded the ages of men, as on what age they started losing their hair. They might get a better understanding in the filed if they also look at the age factor. The additional information will perhaps give a clear view of the group that is more likely to go bald.